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Any size corrugated box made to fit your products. We can design a special cardboard box style to suit your product or you can choose from one of our standard cardboard corrugated box styles as below. We offer up to 4 col normal flexo printing on corrugated cardboard boxes or special photographic print. We can also supply boxes for a special print quality for larger runs in a process called pre-print. The paper before it is laminated to make cardboard corrugated board is printed with your print design so you can have photographic type print quality. For smaller quantities of special print finishes we can offer litho laminated boxes, where your printing is printed to the paper, and then laminated to the corrugated single face board to form corrugated cardboard material.
Any quantity of cardboard corrugated boxes can be made from a one off to 1,000’s of cardboard boxes. We have a box sample making machine which we use for the small quantities of cardboard corrugated boxes. This machine can make any size of corrugated cardboard box, and we can supply in single wall corrugated cardboard, double wall corrugated cardboard ( including heavy duty corrugated cardboard which is good for heavy or fragile/bulk items being sent abroad or for re-use),triple wall corrugated cardboard box material which is the strongest corrugated cardboard on the market and has many uses such as pallet containers, heavy bulk packs, and can be used instead of plywood or timber cases or crates. Triple wall in cardboard corrugated board is much lighter than timber so it is cost effective over timber. Also with current laws for shipping timber boxes and crates to the use, Japan, Australia you can pay much less now for this cardboard corrugated alternative as all timber products have gone up as much as 40% to cover the cost of the timber crates and pallet treatment and the necessary certification.
The corrugated cardboard box small and large runs machine, can make any cardboard box with flaps on top and base. This is the normal cardboard box used all over the world as it has no tooling charges and an be easily assembled for your cardboard corrugated requirements. You just tape up the cardboard flaps and away you go! Some examples or where these boxes are used in the UK, storage boxes, roof boxes, jewellery boxes, gift boxes, packing boxes, tool boxes, plastic components, cake boxes, presentation boxes, snack food boxes, pie boxes, toy boxes, shoe boxes, collection boxes, boxes for moving, packaging boxes, chocolate boxes, hamper boxes, storage boxes uk, seat boxes, hat boxes, vegetable boxes, DVD boxes, card boxes, printers boxes, A4 boxes,A2 boxes, A3 boxes, television box, video recorder box, pottery box, crockery box, glassware box, wine box, turkey box, export box, box on pallet, speaker boxes, computer boxes, screen boxes, satellite box, blanket box, furniture boxes, stacking boxes, ammo boxes, flower boxes, tote boxes, cardboard display bins, packaging, enclosures, sleeves, octabins, containers.
Die cut corrugated cardboard boxes usually fold up themselves to form a box without the need for using tape to seal the corrugated cardboard. The die cut corrugated cardboard boxes take longer to make because a cardboard cutting tool has to be made so it can stamp out and cut the cardboard to make the box. The normal delivery time for a corrugated cardboard die cut is 2 weeks. The cost of a cardboard cutting tool depends on the size and quantity ordered. Small quantities and not too large (maximum blank area 1200 X 1200 mm) are made on a flat bed cardboard corrugated die cut machine. For this type of cardboard die cut a cutting forme is made from plywood, with blades cut into the plywood, typical cost can be around £250.00+ vat. This method of die cutting as well as small quantities is used for high volume milk/drinks/food trays which are often being erected by machines to form the finished trays; the die cutting machine used for this type of corrugated cardboard die cut manufacturing is a Bobst machine. This machine is used for plain un-printed die cutting and can produce perfect flat die cuts completely stripped of any cardboard waste. The larger and printed corrugated die cuts are made on a rotary die cutter, which instead of stamping the corrugated cardboard to form the box impression, rolls over the board using pressure and a large roller effect, this machine also has print stations on it and can print up to 4 cols using a flexographic process to print on the corrugated cardboard. The cost of these formes can be between £600.00- £1,500, as they are often made from steel rather than plywood.
Typical use for a die cut box is a bread tray used in bakeries as a substitute for the plastic trays when they have all disappeared!, and produce cardboard corrugated trays such as lettuce boxes, tomato boxes, meat boxes, chicken trays, drinks trays, display boxes, display stands, packaging dispensers. The stationary industry is also a big user of die cuts for archive boxes, ballot boxes, easels boxes, polythene bag boxes, bankers boxes, foil boxes, take away boxes, printing box, wardrobe, lighting ( very good for inner die cuts to hold awkward sizes for lamp fittings, and lamp shades), tubes, picture frames, picture boxes, pillow boxes, confectionary boxes, shipping boxes, shoe boxes, mailers (good for sending out DVDs and books), record boxes, presentation boxes, favour boxes, leaflet boxes, binder boxes. cake boxes, cake trays, re-saleable boxes (re use your corrugated cardboard boxes), gift boxes, promotional boxes, label boxes, moving boxes, cell phone boxes, pallet covers, pallet bases, dress boxes, glass ware boxes, toy boxes ( internal components can be held in place with clever die cut fittings.), pottery boxes with internal die cuts for holding plates, crockery, tea pots, saucers, cups, wine bottle box, wine boxes, whisky boxes, automotive boxes, pizza box, pie box, toffee apple box.

Just fill in the form below or phone us on FREEPHONE 0800 083 1108, or fax us your enquiry on FREEFAX 0800 083 1109, or email us at sales@1stbox.co.uk.

Box Styles :-

0201 - regular slotted corrugated cardboard container, inner flaps, gap outer (most popular box style just tape flaps top and base)

0200 - half slotted corrugated cardboard container, no top flaps (use as a tray no top flaps)

0320 - telescopic corrugated cardboard (telescopic 2 part box set used in printing, business forms trade)

0202 - corrugated cardboard inner flaps, gap outer, flaps overlapping (outer flaps overlap by 50mm)

0203 - corrugated cardboard outer flaps, fully overlapping (outer flap fully overlap)

0300 - corrugated cardboard cap and tray (cap and tray set put together by taping corners)

0501 - corrugated cardboard sleeve (sleeve use with 0300 for pallet pack style)

0934 - corrugated cardboard division sets (divisions for packing glassware / china)

0210 - die cut box

0215 - corrugated cardboard die cut box with crash locking base

0308 - corrugated cardboard 4 corners glued die cut tray & lid used in baking, meat, vegatable, and flowers trade

0421 - corrugated cardboard die cut self locking box used in bakery, pizzas

0422 - corrugated cardboard die cut tray used in engineering parts, confectionary

0427 - corrugated cardboard die cut self locking with tuck in flaps for extra strength used in bakery, stationary, engineering

0509 - corrugated cardboard sleeve and slide used with foam in electronic trades, pcb, book trades

WARD - wardrobe box

Corrugated Cardboard Flute’s

All board thickness's are approx
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Enquiry Form

Just fill in the form below or phone us on FREEPHONE 0800 083 1108, or fax us your enquiry on FREEFAX 0800 083 1109, or email us at sales@1stbox.co.uk.