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Next Day Delivery- Box Enquiry Form

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Any size corrugated cardboard box made and delivered to your premises for the next day. Mostly these cardboard boxes will be made from double wall for the larger type cardboard boxes, and some strong single wall corrugated cardboard box material for the smaller sizes. If your requirement must get there the next day it might be advisable on the day to ring us as sometimes there can be a delay on the internet. We can stitch or glue your corrugated cardboard boxes, and mark on them your reference numbers.
Some of the cardboard corrugated boxes we have done recently from scratch for next day delivery have been cardboard boxes for print jobs. You know the scenario, company has all these leaflets coming off the production line but no cardboard boxes to put them in. The leaflet is a non-standard size so a stock box won’t do they have to have something made to fit the purpose. They phoned us at 11.00am , 8.00 am the following morning our van turned up with the cardboard boxes. Another company was a bakery they had suddenly run out of plastic trays and they needed some boxes to put the bread in. 2 days later won’t help they need the boxes by first thing the next day as otherwise the product won’t keep.We are used to working through the night to get a cardboard box order out. We can sometimes do a same day delivery of bespoke corrugated cardboard boxes, just ask us.

Box Styles for Next Day Delivery :-

0201 - regular slotted corrugated cardboard container, inner flaps, gap outer (most popular box style just tape flaps top and base)

0200 - half slotted corrugated cardboard container, no top flaps (use as a tray no top flaps)

0320 - telescopic corrugated cardboard (telescopic 2 part box set used in printing, business forms trade)

0202 - corrugated cardboard inner flaps, gap outer, flaps overlapping (outer flaps overlap by 50mm)

0203 - corrugated cardboard outer flaps, fully overlapping (outer flap fully overlap)

0300 - corrugated cardboard cap and tray (cap and tray set put together by taping corners)

0501 - corrugated cardboard sleeve (sleeve use with 0300 for pallet pack style)

Corrugated Cardboard Flute’s

All board thickness's are approx
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Enquiry Form

Just fill in the form below or phone us on FREEPHONE 0800 083 1108, or fax us your enquiry on FREEFAX 0800 083 1109, or email us at sales@1stbox.co.uk.

Latest ordering time 12.00 am for next day delivery Monday – Friday