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Heavy Duty Cardboard Shipping/Bulk Boxes

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The heavy duty corrugated cardboard shipping/bulk boxes machine which can make small/ large quantities of heavy duty cardboard corrugated boxes, this machine can make any size of heavy duty corrugated cardboard box, and we can supply in heavy duty cardboard double wall corrugated cardboard, triple wall corrugated cardboard the double and triple wall corrugated cardboard which is good for heavy or fragile/bulk items being sent abroad, export packing or for re use), triple wall corrugated cardboard box material which is the strongest corrugated cardboard on the market and has many uses such as pallet containers, heavy bulk packs, can be used instead of plywood or timber cases or crates.
Triple wall in cardboard corrugated board is much lighter than timber so it is cost effective over timber also with current laws for shipping timber boxes and crates to the use, Japan, Australia you can pay much less now for this cardboard corrugated alternative as all timber products have gone up as much as 40% to cover the cost of the timber crates and pallet treatment and the necessary certification. The heavy duty corrugated is made up of the following flutes AA, CA,BA, the paper for the heavy duty corrugated cardboard is usually made from wet strength Kraft paper. Usual heavy duty corrugated cardboard make up is 400K/200K/200K, 200K/200K/200K, 440K/200K/400K. Then there is triple wall heavy duty cardboard corrugated board, the fluting for this can be AAA, or CAA. The difference is that AAA is made by Triwall, and CAA is made by SCA.

Triple wall is very expensive but at the moment cheaper than plywood, it is also much lighter and is better for puncture resistance when in transit. Regular slotted containers with flaps top and base can be made in triple wall, and industry also uses it in the form of heavy duty corrugated cardboard sleeves and octabins. Triple wall corrugated sleeves are also used in conjunction with a plywood base and cap in the form of a pallet pack. Composite boxes are quite commonly manufactured from heavy duty corrugated cardboard as it is very robust and the mod are big users, as well as general export packers Triple wall can be supplied in a style called notch fold, which puts a V cut in the flap creases part of the box so at to make square edged boxes.

The heavy duty corrugated cardboard can be supplied in many different colours and many customers have the whole outer face coated in one colour (for instance their company colour) which they then use aa a returnable container which because of the colouring can be distinguished from the rest of the customers corrugated cardboard boxes waste. The seams of the heavy duty corrugated cardboard boxes are normally stapled as just gluing would not be strong enough. The heavy duty corrugated cardboard can be die cut, and shaped and formed into internal fittings. The main use for corrugated cardboard boxes is in the form of pallet packs for shipping export. The heavy duty corrugated cardboard box comes with flaps top and base and sits on a pallet , or it come as a tea cosy style with just top flaps and the base fits inside pallet base retaining timbers.

  • Emergency 24 hour delivery from stock boards can be arranged.
  • Any size and quantity can be supplied from one-offs to 1000’s.
  • Your bulk order can be held in stock and delivered in smaller quantities on a just in time basis, at no extra cost.