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Pallet Boxes

Pallet Boxes
These pallet boxes are the industry standard for moving bulk product at home or abroad. These standard stock pallet boxes are the international recognised sizes for shipping goods, on road, sea, and air transport. Each pallet on the pallet boxes is 4 way entry, and can be lifted or moved with a hand or fork lift truck. The internal sleeves can be cut down easilly to suit your product load, so giving you added flexibilty with your size requirments.
All material used in the construction of the pallet boxes are of a double wall material, which is one of our export double wall grades.
All pallets used for the pallet boxes are made from heat treated timber, and have a treatment certificate marked on them, to comply with current import regulations for countries such as, China, USA,Australia, Japan,Canada, Brazil, Argentina.
With the Pallet boxes we can supply internal fitting such as cardboard separators, polystrene/ etha foam fittings, timber posts for extra stacking strength.
Non standard sizes can be quoted.
All sizes of the pallet boxes are internal sizes:-
Standard UK Pallet Box 1180mm x 980mm x 900mm
Price: �15.90 + VAT
1/2 Europa Pallet Box 770mm x 570mm x 660mm
Price: �9.50 + VAT
1/1 Europa Pallet Box 1170mm x 770mm x 660mm
Price: �15.40 + VAT
1/2 Container Pallet Box 1070mm x 870mm x 550mm
Price: �14.90 + VAT
1/1 Container Pallet Box 1070mm x 870mm x 900mm
Price: �15.50 + VAT
Sizes are Length x Width x Height.