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Corrugated Cases

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You may have noticed we use the term cardboard a lot where really the real technical term for our packaging material is corrugated cases, or corrugated board. The trouble with these terms is this is only for people in the trade of corrugated board, most people only know a corrugated case as a cardboard box, or a box carton or cartons, so whatever way you know a cardboard box you will know which cardboard boxes we make, as there is a big difference with an actual cardboard carton. These cardboard cartons have no corrugated fluting in between the papers and are solid cardboard used mainly in the cereal, frozen food, packet foods market.
These boxes offer little transit packaging protection and you see them on any supermarket shelf. These inner cardboard boxes are Flutings the inner corrugation of a cardboard corrugated board are usually supplied in gram mage paper weight of 112 billerrud, the term billerrud is for a fluting made of 100% waste material, which is very eco friendly, and the cheapest way of buying corrugated cardboard. The trouble with this sort of fluting it offers no packaging protection for the corrugated cardboard box if it is being stored in a cold room or freezer room as when there is any chance of moisture then this attacks the fluting and the box starts to lose its stacking strength. To combat this we use a fluting made from semi chemical which has chemical additives to strengthen the fluting. The extra cost for this can be 10%, the corrugated cardboard flutings are done in standard paper weights such as 112,150,171,210. The corrugated cardboard box industry prefers us all to have 112 or even 105! corrugated flutings as it makes the big multinationals much more money in running their corrugators in all the same flutings without any machine changes, and also the cheaper type corrugated flutings can be made in the eastern block at knock down prices.

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